PAR Government has extensive knowledge deploying secure mobile applications into edge environments. This includes a recent expansion into enterprise automation capabilities to enhance the performance of mobile applications through utilizing cloud and hybrid cloud architectures. PAR Government’s skillset and expertise make us well suited to advise on secure architectures that can support enterprise computing at the edge.
PAR Government is actively working to develop mobile applications. Within the last year PAR Government has incorporated mobile machine learning into Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) plug-ins to help process full motion video and perform facial recognition of enemy combatants in the field.
TeamConnect- Sit(x)™ is a PAR Government cloud-based computing technology that provides Geospatial awareness solutions for organizations.

Providing subject matter expertise and an enhanced FMV experience in mobile SA applications including processing video streams and integrating the streams with machine learning to help both developers and tactical operator teams achieve their mission’s goals.

Facial Recognition:

Being able to use facial recognition software in the field through a mobile device is key to mission success. PAR Government developers use machine learning alongside full motion video to achieve desired outcomes.

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence gives computers the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Instead, they are trained to perform a task using massive amounts of data. Customer relevant examples include object recognition from images, video, radar and LiDAR sources. PAR Government has developed applications using data for mission rehearsal, situational monitoring and anticipation of events; hardware control of autonomous vehicles and equipment, and user-centric common operating pictures.

Secure Cloud Architecture:

PAR Government has developed hybrid cloud architectures that are secure, robust and utilize PAR’s understanding of tactical environments.